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Benjamin Fajr

Based on previous experiences and relying on the power of its professional experts in the field of creating and developing technical knowledge of individual and special chemicals in the field of oil, gas, petrochemical, refinery and related downstream industries, Benjamin Fajr Ava. The presence of expert experts and benefiting from the network of the best consultants is the most important feature of Benjamin Fajr Ava Company, which has always been considered by the senior managers of the company in order to achieve organizational goals and provide quality products.

  The basic values of Benjamin Fajr Ava are:

Entrepreneurship and creating knowledge-based and sustainable employment
Centrality of knowledge and technology in product development
Commitment to quality
Belief in initiative and innovation
Adding value to customers and other stakeholders
Responsibility for the sustainable development of society
Respect for the human status of employees
Belief in employee development and participation and creating discipline in the workplace
Commitment to creating and maintaining a healthy competitive environment in the business
Commitment to keeping the secrets of the organization and its stakeholders

our goals

Development of indigenous technical knowledge

Cultivation of capable human resources

Presence in global markets

Cultivation of capable human resources